Physio Cambridge offering strengthening exercises to reduce back pain

Physio Cambridge is here to help you. No-body wants to suffer with pain or discomfort, especially if it restricts you from doing something you normally find quite easy and enjoyable.

Many of the people we treat at Physio Cambridge/Milton Chiropractic have been suffering with pain, discomfort and immobility for weeks, months and sometimes years but often it’s not until their ‘normal’ everyday activities are affected by their condition that they seek professional help. For example; not being able to lift grandchildren, play sport, mow the lawn or sleep properly because of pain.

Looking for Physio Cambridge? At Milton Chiropractic Cambridge we do things a little bit different

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Why Physio Cambridge? Chiropractic with mobilising exercises to effectively treat back pain.

Our experience and excellent patient results has taught us that the most effective method for treating and managing back pain is to combine exercises commonly used by physiotherapists, with our own unique treatment techniques We combine highly effective scientifically proven spinal manipulative techniques with an individual tailored rehabilitation program. For us, relieving your pain and discomfort is only the beginning. Pain is a symptom and it is our mission at physio-Cambridge to find the cause. Whether the problem is a lack of strength, increased stiffness, lack of balance or an old injury that has completely altered movement patterns, there will always be a reason for the pain - and we need to identify what that is. To keep the injury from recurring, we will create an individually tailored treatment plan, consisting of many exercises commonly used in physiotherapy clinics in addition to our unique spinal manipulative techniques. But it does not stop there. Our clinic is equipped with the latest scanning technology available to help us get to the root of the problem. Our Myovision Scanning System is a neurospinal screening and evaluation system that uses Surface Electromyography, and was originally developed for NASA. Our unique approach ensures relief and prevention of pain - now and in the future.

Examination and Customised Care

At your initial examination we look for any health problems or weakness anywhere in your body that may be connected to your back pain. Once we have identified the cause of the problem, your back pain treatment plan can be started. Our tailored treatment with mobilisation and strengthening exercises offers a highly effective treatment that is used by many physiotherapists to combat back pain. We use a combination of exercises 'dry needling' and manipulation to help reduce back pain and restore ease of movement to the affected areas. As well as your treatment plan for back pain, you will also be given a set of exercises designed to improve your mobility and strengthen the affected areas.

Living Life to the Full

Most of us can put up with some mild transient pain but when pain and discomfort starts to restrict your enjoyment of the activities you love, like gardening, exercise, playing with the children, or riding a bike, then you need to do something about it. The first question we will ask is who is the right specialist to see? Should it be a physiotherapist, a chiropractor or maybe an osteopath or do we follow the advice often given to just take some painkillers?
Are you suffering from pain and discomfort that restricts you from doing the things you love doing, like gardening, exercise, lifting the children or riding a bike?

When suffering from pain, it can be difficult to find the right specialist to go to. Who do you choose, physiotherapy, a chiropractor, an osteopath or do you do what your GP often advises you and take painkillers?

Why so many choose Physiotherapy for relieving pain?

Some of us choose to go physiotherapy, just because it is the norm. And although physiotherapy can definitely help in some cases, we find that when it comes to back pain and neck pain, many of our patients benefit from our unique approach which differs from physiotherapy.

Why Physio Cambridge?

We combine highly effective, scientifically proven chiropractic techniques with an individual tailored rehabilitation program. So although we are not physiotherapists, we do offer a unique, individualised treatment and rehabilitation program on top of our chiropractic techniques.

But you do not have to take our word for it, just have a look at our testimonials on this website!

We do things a bit differently. For us, pain is always a symptom. We are dedicated to find out why someone got the problem in the first place. Yes, the pain came on whilst lifting, but someone has done this probably a thousand times before without any problems! So what has changed?

It might be because they are lacking core strength, or because someone has weak glutes. But many times we have found that strength is not the problem, but an old knee or ankle injury that has altered the way of movement! It can be anything! One has to look at the whole kinematic chain which is exactly what we do.

This is why we have been able to help so many people and have had so many raving reviews!

But it does not stop here. We also use the latest scanning techniques available to help us finding the root of the problem. Our Myovision system is a neurospinal screening and evaluation system that uses surface electromyography to measure changes of spinal muscles. It was originally developed for NASA and designed to measure changes in the spinal muscles of astronauts.

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